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Double Trouble: Being an Identity Theft Victim Can Land You in Jail

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The 100% Guaranteed Stock Tip: Always Right, but Still a Scam

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Target Data Breach Could Be Costly for Payment Partners

Companies that help Target process payments could face millions of dollars in fines and costs resulting from the unprecedented data breach during the holiday shopping season.

JPMorgan Profit Beats Estimates, Despite Madoff Penalties

JPMorgan reported a 7.3 percent drop in quarterly profit it paid penalties to the government for not reporting suspicions of fraud by client Bernie Madoff.

When For-Profit Prisons Become the Crime

Collaborating with gangs, falsifying payrolls ... it's the people behind bars that typically commit these crimes, not the people being paid to run the prison.

Customers Express Anger Over Target Data Breach

Potential victims of credit card fraud tied to Target's security breach said they had trouble contacting the discounter through its website and call centers.

Former Microsoft Manager Charged with Insider Trading

Federal officials charge two Seattle men with 35 counts of illegally trading on private Microsoft information.

Goldman Sachs Banker Jailed in Nigerian Corruption Case

Former Goldman Sachs banker Elias Preko is sentenced to more than 4 years in prison for laundering $5 million on behalf of a Nigerian governor.