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The Financial Landscape: OPEC Quotas and 'Too Big to Fail'

The theme for Thursday is big players adjusting to a changing world: Citigroup is shutting down a major hedge fund it used for soon-to-be-banned proprietary trading, Goldman has been subpoenaed over its role in the subprime mortgage crisis, and OPEC is thinking that it might need to pump more oil.

Former New York Comptroller Pleads Guilty to Corruption

Alan Hevesi, the former comptroller of New York state, has pled guilty to corruption charges that he accepted campaign money and gifts from a California venture capitalist in exchange for directing pension-fund money to the donor's firm.

Banks Rake in Big Profits as Wall Street Probes Spread

Proliferating probes into Wall Street's activities don't seem to be hindering big banks' ability to make huge profits. Plus, in the roundup of latest legal news: A banker is suing JPMorgan Chase, claiming it fired her when she did the right thing.