Even ESPN Wants You to Cut the Cable Cord

ESPN is starting to explore the possibility of offering its suite of sports programming through the wide array of Web-based services that are starting to get off the ground.

The Cost of Fox's Upcoming 24/7 Cable Sports Network

Fox announced this week that it will launch a new 24-hour cable sports network, a direct challenge to ESPN. Sports programming is one of the main reasons many people pay big monthly fees to cable and satellite companies, even those who aren't sports fans.

Can Al Jazeera Capitalize on Its Newfound Popularity?

The Qatar-based network is getting international kudos for its coverage of the growing Middle East crisis. But acclaim and a growing audience don't yet equal profits and market share for Al Jazeera, which has almost certainly been losing money since its launch in 1996.

Family-Friendly TV Advertisers Get PTC's 'Green Light'

A conservative TV watchdog group wants consumers to consider patronizing companies that advertise on family-friendly television shows this shopping season, rather than those that buy commercials on racier programs, but price is still likely to be the biggest influence on holiday shoppers.

Keith OIbermann Will Return to MSNBC on Tuesday

MSNBC head Phil Griffin now says Olbermann, who was suspended indefinitely without pay on Nov. 5, has been punished enough. Olbermann's supporters certainly felt that way, calling his suspension by MSNBC for making political donations to Democrats "outrageous" and "bizarre."

Keith Olbermann Suspended for Making Political Donations

MSNBC today suspended Keith Olbermann indefinitely after the host of Countdown With Keith Olbermann making donations to three Democratic political candidates in violation of the network's ethics policy. This is a blunder from which the 51-year-old may never recover.

No Yankees, No Phillies: Fewer Viewers for Fox

Many fans skipped the contest between the San Francisco Giants and Rangers, which is a pity because the Giants played some extraordinary baseball as they captured the title. The poor ratings may prompt advertisers to ask for "make-goods" -- free commercials.

As Cablevision and Fox Battle, the Winner May Be Ivi TV

Millions of sports fans in the Northeast are in danger of missing the World Series and other programs in the wake of a dispute between Cablevision and Fox TV. But some consumers are turning to ivi TV, a rapidly growing re-broadcaster that works on the Web.

More NPR Journalists Under Fire for Fox News Appearances

After NPR's Juan Williams' made comments about Muslims on Fox News that cost him his job with the public broadcaster, some critics argue that appearances by Mara Liasson, another NPR journalist, on Fox violate NPR's ethics guidelines.

Google Eyeing Pay-Per-View Movies on YouTube?

Google is talking to Hollywood studios about a pay-per-view video service based on YouTube, according to a new report. The move comes as Google girds for battle with Apple, and telecom and media companies jostle for control over the next generation of high-speed content delivery.

An Emmy Win: It's More Than Just a Golden Statue

Prestige means a lot in Hollywood. TV companies use a show's Emmy Award to help sell commercial time, and advertisers enjoy the bragging rights of being associated with hot shows. Sometimes, an Emmy can even help a show avoid the ax.

News Corp. May Be Considering Bid for Texas Rangers

News Corp. may bid for the bankrupt Texas Rangers baseball franchise, according to The New York Post. News Corp. is "leaning toward making an offer" at Wednesday's bankruptcy court auction, The Post, which is owned by News Corp. said without naming its sources. News Corp. is "leaning toward making an offer" at Wednesday%u2019s bankruptcy court auction, The New York Post said without naming its sources. News Corp owned the LA Dodgers from 1998 until 2004.

Jennifer Lopez to Replace DeGeneres on 'American Idol'?

Jennifer Lopez will replace Ellen DeGeneres as a judge on TV show American Idol, reported. Lopez%u2019s agent has been in negotiations with the show for months, reported without naming its sources. Fox announced DeGeneres%u2019 departure from the hit show Thursday, even though she had a year left on her contract. In a statement, DeGeneres said the show "didn%u2019t feel like the right fit for me."

Appeals Court Scraps FCC's TV Indecency Rules

In a major victory for TV networks, a federal appeals court struck down the Federal Communications Commission's indecency policy on Tuesday, calling it "unconstitutionally vague." The court also found the FCC rules posed a risk to freedom of speech.

Don't Ever Take Out a Private Student Loan

With rates at historical lows, these variable-rate private student loans can be alluring. But the rates can rise quickly, and you could end up paying far more than you bargained for.

What's 'American Idol' Without Simon Cowell?

American Idol won't be the same without Simon Cowell, the co-founder and judge who won attention for delivering insulting comments to contestants. His last appearance on the show tonight could mark the beginning of the end for Fox's juggernaut, insiders say.

Conan O'Brien Heads to TBS for Late-Night Show

TBS, the cable network owned by Time Warner, announced Monday that it will create a new late-night show for Conan O'Brien, who left The Tonight Show in January after NBC told him it was giving the 11:30 p.m. time slot back to Jay Leno.