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The 5 Worst Investments of 2014

Stock market benchmarks have done reasonably well this year, but some sectors fell short, like foreign currency, oil and Russia.

Was Kris Humphries Conned By a Financial Scammer?

Kris Humphries may be mourning the death of his brief marriage to Kim Kardashian, but that may not be the only thing he has lost recently. It appears he may have been the victim of financial fraud, losing perhaps several hundred thousand dollars. Let his case be a warning to you: Here's what to watch out for.

Save Yourself from the Dollar's Doom

Facing a national debt crisis, the threat of a double-dip recession, and an ongoing loss of national prestige, the U.S. is under pressure, and its currency is feeling the heat. Plenty of observers think the dollar's days are numbered. Here are several ways to protect your money from a catastrophic loss in value.

What the Stocks vs. Dollar Seesaw Is Saying Now

For a host of reasons, when the dollar spikes, stocks drop, and when the dollar falls, stocks soar. Right now, with dollar sentiment reaching maximum bearishness, contrarians are preparing for the next seesaw shift. If the dollar rises again, stocks could reverse.