Is Oil Output Peaking or Not? Either Way, Cheap Oil Is Gone

Proponents of the peak-oil theory can muster studies and statistics backing their claim that declining global oil output is nigh. Critics point to new technologies and unconventional oil fields as saviors. Either way, a return to the days of $1.50-a-gallon gasoline isn't going to happen.

U.S. Recovery Will Be Slower Than Previous Upturns

According to a new report from UCLA, the U.S. economic recovery will be slower than previous recovery periods. Americans will be saving more to get themselves out of debt while companies will be hesitant to expand because of lack of public-policy clarity from the Obama Administration.

Earnings warnings begin in earnest

Late yesterday, two of the largest American companies, Boeing (BA) and Chevron (CVX) warned on Q1 results. Almost anyone could have guessed Boeing...