food safety

Save Your Thanksgiving from Bad Weather, Bad Food, Big Business

Thanksgiving might not feel like the most appetizing time to start thinking about the safety and health of the food supply. But maybe out harvest festival is the perfect time to consider it -- and to consider what it would cost to give your family a kinder, healthier Thanksgiving Day feast.

Coke's New Juice Flavor: Fungicide?

Coca-Cola has never shied away from trying new variations of its classic beverage. The company also is known for adding flavorful twists like lime and lemon to its drinks. But last week, both Coke and archrival Pepsi revealed that a more disturbing addition had made its way into their drinks: fungicide.

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Recalled

Kraft Foods is recalling about 137,000 cases of Velveeta Shells & Cheese Microwaveable Cups because they might be tainted with wire-bristle pieces, the company announced Friday. The company said it has received no reports of injuries or complaints, and that it was voluntarily issuing the recall to be on the safe side.

What a Wild Year It Was
for Health Care

Led by the health insurance reform law, a flurry of drug and food recalls, key medical breakthroughs and plenty of layoffs and lawsuits, 2010 proved to be an exciting -- if not always positive -- year. Here's our list of the year's biggest health stories.

The Trade Deal With Korea Will Beef Up U.S. Meat Exports

Since the mad cow scare of 2003, South Korea has been a tough market for U.S. beef: The country first banned it, then severely limited imports. But a pending new Free Trade Agreement could mark the resumption of normal trade, and the start of a more prosperous era for American beef exports.

Food Safety Overhaul Passes Senate

Food safety  inspector checks applesLandmark food safety reform legislation that aims to curb the incidence of food recalls, foodborne illnesses and shoddy practices by American food...

More Diners Are Asking: Is This Seafood Safe?

Gulf fishing industry officials are worried about a consumer panic. That has restaurateurs assuring diners that seafood from the greater region is safe and preventive measures are being taken. Costs, however, seem destined to rise if supplies get crimped.

As Oil Spreads, Gulf Fishermen Brace for Disaster

At the rapid rate oil is leaking after the Deepwater Horizon rig accident, the spill will top the Exxon Valdez disaster in two months. With the slick approaching the coast, Gulf fishing businesses in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida fear the worst.

FDA Acts on Drugs, Warns Companies and Consumers

On Wednesday, a government investigator found the U.S. Food and Drug Administration performance in overseeing 80% of Americans' food supply to be lacking. It seems the FDA's food safety violations are not always properly addressed and that it is conducting fewer reviews of food manufacturing plants, with many facilities going more than five years without being checked. But just as the food component may be lacking, it seems, at least anecdotally, that the drug component is busier than ever.