food safety

The Trade Deal With Korea Will Beef Up U.S. Meat Exports

Since the mad cow scare of 2003, South Korea has been a tough market for U.S. beef: The country first banned it, then severely limited imports. But a pending new Free Trade Agreement could mark the resumption of normal trade, and the start of a more prosperous era for American beef exports.

Food Safety Overhaul Passes Senate

Landmark food safety reform legislation that aims to curb the incidence of food recalls, foodborne illnesses and shoddy practices by American food...

More Diners Are Asking: Is This Seafood Safe?

Gulf fishing industry officials are worried about a consumer panic. That has restaurateurs assuring diners that seafood from the greater region is safe and preventive measures are being taken. Costs, however, seem destined to rise if supplies get crimped.

As Oil Spreads, Gulf Fishermen Brace for Disaster

At the rapid rate oil is leaking after the Deepwater Horizon rig accident, the spill will top the Exxon Valdez disaster in two months. With the slick approaching the coast, Gulf fishing businesses in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida fear the worst.

FDA Acts on Drugs, Warns Companies and Consumers

On Wednesday, a government investigator found the U.S. Food and Drug Administration performance in overseeing 80% of Americans' food supply to be lacking. It seems the FDA's food safety violations are not always properly addressed and that it is conducting fewer reviews of food manufacturing plants, with many facilities going more than five years without being checked. But just as the food component may be lacking, it seems, at least anecdotally, that the drug component is busier than ever.

Thomson Reuters: Our Cafeteria Is Now Safe

Thomson Reuters, which has been under fire from the New York City Department of Health for running the dirtiest corporate cafeteria in the media, has reached out to employees with a memo saying it's cleaned up its act.

The Dirtiest Lunch Rooms in the Media Business

The American print-publishing industry isn't healthy -- and the food it's serving its workers may not be, either. A quick survey of cafeteria health inspection records shows some alarming results. Lunch anyone?

Airport food worse than you think

There are about a million (mostly bad) jokes about airline food, but if you're traveling over the next several days you might want to pack a lunch or...