Your Child Is Sick. You Need to Work. What Now?

Sooner or later, your kids will come home with something that lands them in bed, sick. For parents, caring for a child's aches and pains often leads to household financial distress. Working parents face the additional challenge of finding a substitute caregiver while they're away. Here are five ways to get prepared before the common cold comes calling.

Feds Push Health Care System to Go Paperless

With most U.S. hospitals and doctors' offices still mired in paper, new federal standards for electronic records seek to resolve this mess -- although they're not without controversy.

H1N1 vaccine needed? Good luck

It was confirmed a world wide pandemic almost six months ago, and a national medical emergency last week, but where are the shots for the H1N1...

Swine flu scams in full swing

From an ultraviolet light that will supposedly "destroy swine flu virus" to a dietary supplement claiming to be "more effective than the swine flu...