Selling 9/11: The Strange Market for Relics of Tragedy

As America prepares to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11, eBay is seeing a surge in sales of relics and memorabilia from the World Trade Center and the terrorist attacks, fueled partly by speculators, and partly by our desire to connect with history, however painful.

Obama Signs $26 Billion Public Sector Jobs Bill Into Law

By an almost entirely party-line vote of 247 to 161, the House on Tuesday passed a $26 billion bill that Democrats say will save the jobs of over 300,000 school teachers, municipal workers and first responders such as police officers and firefighters.

Shrinking Budgets Plague Police and Fire Departments

Police and fire departments nationwide are getting hit hard by city budget cuts as federal funds dry up -- resulting in layoffs, salary cuts or freezes and pared benefits. The public remains adamantly opposed to tax increases, even for services that protect them.