Jones Villalta Opportunity Fund Likes Financials, Tech Stocks

Where are the best deep-value investment opportunities? Where there is the most pessimism, of course. In this short video, fund manager Tom Villata talks about where he sees the greatest opportunities among blue-chip tech stocks and financials.

Signs That the Market Is Ready to Roll Over

The U.S. stock market has been on a tear since Sept. 1, but technical caution flags are now appearing in the charts. A close look at action in the VIX, S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and financials reveal that the tide may be about to start going out.

JPMorgan Earnings Beat Estimates on Lower Loss Provisions

The nation's second-largest bank by assets said third-quarter income rose 23% to $4.4 billion, or $1.01 a share. While investment and retail banking revenue slipped, JPMorgan was able to set aside less money to cover bad loans, which accounted for the better-than-expected earnings in the quarter.

Financials Rally, but the Dow's Winning Streak Ends

Friday's seesaw day ended mixed, as a relief rally on the compromise reached for financial regulation reform offset concern over a downward revision to first-quarter GDP. Still, the Dow lost more than 300 points this week, abruptly ending a healthy two-week rally.

The Long, Hard Road Ahead for Financial Stocks

Much like tech stocks after the dot-com bubble burst, financials today have survived another burst bubble, this time in credit. And much like tech stocks did, financials could be facing an extended stretch where survive is the best they can do. Thriving again isn't in sight.

The Newest Franken-Finance Creation: Liquidity Derivatives

Bet you thought the financial world had learned a bit of prudence from the recent meltdown. But no. Citigroup has a clever new derivative for the markets, and this latest attempt at selling "end-of-the-world insurance" could be just as dangerous to the system as credit default swaps were.

Two Spanish Banks Could Tumble Hard

International banking giants Banco Santander and Banco Bilbao, have gone on buying sprees abroad even as conditions in their home country declined dramatically. But as their loan losses mount, the markets are finally looking past the banks' blithe optimism, seeing red, and selling off.

Why Politics Makes It Hard to Fix the Banks

Banks are not the enemy. Although many imperfections exist in our financial system, turning banks into a target or a tool for recovery will end poorly. Over time, things will work out in the absence of counterproductive, even if well-intentioned, meddling.

Obama's Bank Rhetoric Misses the Mark

The viability of President Obama's proposals on bank reform remains to be seen as they pass through Congress, but they send an undoubtedly sharp...