financial regulation

Obama Calls for 'Safeguards That Prevent Abuse'

In New York City today just a short subway ride from the financial district, President Barack Obama called on lawmakers to take swift action on financial regulatory reform, which would forever change the way Wall Street does business.

Capitol Hill Revisits the Lehman Brothers Collapse

Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke told lawmakers on Tuesday that the Lehman bankrupcty is the best example of the need for the Obama administration's proposed financial regulatory reforms. Former CEO Dick Fuld defended the bank, claiming it was hit by a "perfect storm."

Why Broker Regulation Matters to Investors

Forget corporate bailouts for a second. The way the government regulates the people who help you manage your money will have a bigger impact on you than any other reform before Congress. At stake are the fees advisers charge as well as whether they have the responsibility to act in your best interest.

Costly Cash: The Feds Won't Protect You From Payday Loans

In the wake of the mortgage loan mess and financial crisis, Congress was hot to regulate this business. But the federal-level effort has lost steam, partly because lawmakers seem to have come around to the industry's point of view rather than the consumer's.

Pandit: Citi Is No Longer a Financial Supermarket

Citigroup's CEO told the TARP oversight panel that "Citi is now a smaller institution that is focused on being a bank." He also called for greater consumer protections at the federal level. And Pandit stressed that Citi is solvent and won't need more TARP funds.