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What Does Wall Street Owe Its Clients? Not Much

With one small exception, Wall Street doesn't legally owe a duty to its clients to act in their best interests. It's only when clients ask for financial advice that banks owe a fiduciary duty them -- and these activities contribute a tiny portion of banks' revenue.

Can New Index Beat a Chimp's Stock Picks?

Lusha the Russian chimp's stock picks have outperformed 94% of the country's investment funds. Inspired by Lusha, DailyFinance' Daniel Solin has created a benchmark stock index based on the letters of his last name. We'll track it over time to see if it beats expert brokers and fund managers.

Picking a financial advisor

Investing is not a one-size-fits-all type of pursuit. Do you prefer an aggressive strategy, or a more conservative approach? How do factors such as...