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Take the Seinfeld Approach to Market Volatility and Do Nothing

Market turmoil always brings out "experts" dispensing bad advice on what you should do with your money immediately. But if you've stuck to sound investment basics -- appropriate allocations in low-cost index funds -- you should just sit tight and do nothing.

Six Tests Your Financial Planner Should Pass

A new study finds that too many financial planners tell their clients what the clients want to hear, rather than providing objective advice with no financial conflict of interest. Here's how to make sure you don't wind up with a "yes man" as an adviser.

Can New Index Beat a Chimp's Stock Picks?

Lusha the Russian chimp's stock picks have outperformed 94% of the country's investment funds. Inspired by Lusha, DailyFinance' Daniel Solin has created a benchmark stock index based on the letters of his last name. We'll track it over time to see if it beats expert brokers and fund managers.