Legal Briefing: BoNY Unit Charged With Knowing Silence on Madoff

New York's Attorney General has sued Bank of New York Mellon's Ivy Asset Management unit for keeping its clients' money with Ponzi-scheme operator Bernie Madoff -- even though it knew it was a scam. The investment adviser was earning big fees from Madoff.

Is Nationwide on Your Side? Maybe Not

A class action law suit charges Nationwide with accepting "revenue sharing payments" from mutual funds as the cost of being included as investment options in its retirement plans.

Is John Hancock a Real 401(k) Fiduciary?

Investors, take note. Many believe John Hancock and other 401 (k) providers like it are "fiduciaries," meaning they ensure investment options available to participants are the best -- and they put the interest of the plan participants above all others. That's not always the case.