Fidelity: Withdrawals From Retirement Accounts Hit Record High

The number of workers making hardship withdrawals from their retirement accounts reached a record high in the second quarter as the sagging economy drains household wealth. High unemployment, fewer working hours and reduced amounts of overtime have hit the take-home pay of many workers, The Associated Press reported.

Legal Briefing: Dell Nears Deal With SEC

Dell has reportedly proposed a settlement to the Securities and Exchange Commission that the SEC staff likes and will recommend the commissioners accept. At issue is how Dell did its accounting on deals with Intel. Dell has already been forced to restate four years of manipulated earnings.

Today's 401(k) Investors Are in Control

Thanks to the financial crisis, 401(k) investors have gone from passive to take-charge. As the market swung wildly over the past two years, account holders shifted in and out of stocks, raised their bond holdings and made more use of investor tools, among other changes.

Top-Performing Funds of the Past Decade

Many retirement accounts are in tatters, but it turns out that a select few investing pros have produced exceptional gains -- in some cases more than 200 percent in cumulative returns -- over a most difficult decade.