Donald Trump's Legacy: Kids Who Aim to Think Big

Eric Trump started getting a taste of the family business at young age, tagging along with his real estate and hotel tycoon father, Donald Trump. That early immersion set the stage for Eric's involvement with the Trump Organization as an adult, and his desire to follow in his father's footsteps.

Lessons from Dad: What the Super-Rich Teach Their Kids

All parents aim to bestow their wisdom on their children -- but if your dad is an investment guru, you might want to listen extra carefully. In this Father's Day special report, DailyFinance asked the adult children of these icons about what they had learned about money and life from their dads.

What Buffett Gave His Kids: Values, Not Billions

You might expect that with a father like Warren Buffett, the road through life would be paved with gold -- and advice about how to make a mint. Not so, says Peter Buffett, who says the biggest gift the billionaire gave to his offspring was his philosophy of integrity and authenticity to your true self.

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