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The Most Expensive Gift at 12 American Retailers

Want to be an extra-generous Santa in 2010? Try buying the most expensive item at each of 12 popular U.S. retailers. According to an unscientific survey by 24/7 Wall St, that would set you back nearly $15 million (thanks mainly to a visit to Tiffany).

Ten Retailers Turning Department Stores Into Mini-Malls

The idea of the in-store shop has evolved from getting space on the department store's floor and sharing marketing costs to a more formal relationship where brands lease floor space and create a shopping experience of their own. It can be a retailing win-win.

Toys R Us brings back FAO Schwarz

It's not even October yet and it's already beginning to look a lot like Christmas. At least it was this week at the Toys R Us in Times Square when...

Can Toys R Us afford FAO Schwarz?

On Thursday, Toys R Us announced that it has purchased boutique toy store FAO Schwarz. Schwarz, the iconic Manhattan wonderland featured in the movie...