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4 Things Identity Thieves Don't Want You To Know

More than 11.6 million people in the U.S. reported having their identity stolen in 2011, 13 percent more than in 2010, and those numbers are likely to rise further. But you can avoid being a victim: Here are four things identity thieves don't want you to know.

Facebook Privacy: 3 Features You Can Use to Avoid Oversharing

When it comes to social media companies, remember: You aren't the customer. You're the product. Those firms are collecting all the data about their users they can, so they can sell businesses micro-targeted access to you. Want to avoid some of that? Start with these three steps.

Teen's Facebook Posting Gets Her Mom's House Robbed

An Australian newspaper reports that a 17-year-old was helping her grandma count her savings when she decided to snap a photo of some wads of cash and post it to Facebook. Not long after, a pair of robbers arrived at her family's home.

Facebook's Privacy Fallout

In recent days, Facebook has suffered a backlash unlike any in its history over its frequently changed privacy policies. Senior Writers Sam Gustin and Dan Burrows give their views on how this will impact Facebook's business.

Facebook Is Not Satan's Spawn

Despite what you've heard, the Facebook privacy settings aren't that confusing for anyone who can be bothered to take 10 minutes to look at them and use Facebook's "help" function.

Privacy Groups Blast Facebook

Facebook is in some hot water after its new privacy settings released last week include default settings that make user information more easily seen. That means users would have to actively seek out and change their privacy settings. Privacy advocates have filed a complaint with the Feds, arguing the changes violate consumer protection law.