Keep Spring Pests Away For Less

Springtime is here, which means you might have a looming pest problem. Here's how to get rid of bugs and critters with a few simple, cost-effective tips.

Stink Bugs: A Most Vile Scourge, for Farmers and Homeowners

First spotted in Pennsylvania in 1998, the brown marmorated stink bug has marched far and wide, decimating crops wherever it shows up. It tends to overwinter in cozy American homes -- and it teaches a harsh olfactory lesson to anyone foolish enough to crush a stink bug.

The Brutal Business of Battling Bedbugs

A vast industry has sprouted up to fight infestation, from bug-sniffing dogs to portable fabric steamers to undercover exterminators. The front lines are jammed with all manner of measures, including pricey and high- and low-tech options.