Frugal Americans to Take a DIY Approach in 2012

Americans plan to apply a new DIY-attitude across the board this year -- to their vacations, staying in shape and even beauty maintenance. It's all part of the trend of trying to scale back and save more money.

Nine Cheap Ways to Get Into Shape

Two people who need to get into shapeSo we're deep into the month of January, and if you're like me, you've already fallen off the wagon when it came to your New Year's resolution to...

Don't Forget the 'Health' in Health Care Reform

It's assumed that expanding health coverage is the same thing as improving Americans' health. Not true. If Congress were serious about improving health, then some of the $1 trillion for health reform could go toward fitness programs including rebates for being fit.

Do Running Shoes Run the Risk of Injury?

Runners spend $20 billion a year on running shoes, but is all the fancy footwear really a good investment? A new study finds running with running shoes exerts a lot more stress on key joints than running barefoot, potentially increasing a runner%u2019s risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Before you join a gym ...

A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal looks at the troubles associated with joining a gym. Membership plans are convoluted and obfuscatory:...