executive pay

Two AIG Execs Get Eyebrow-Raising Pay Jump

While the overall 2010 cash pay of AIG's top earners will fall, the two senior managers have been awarded hefty raises. This likely won't help in soothing public anger about excessive executive compensation at bailed-out companies.

Executive Compensation Reforms Are Gaining

The furor over pay on Wall Street and in executive suites isn't likely to fade anytime soon: Wall Street employees saw their bonuses increase by 17% to a collective $20.3 billion in 2009. But a closer look a Corporate America shows that changes for the better are happening.

Bank of America's New CEO Takes the Reins

Brian Moynihan seems keen to show the world that he's in charge of Bank of America. In his first public speech as head of the largest U.S. bank, the BofA insider says the industry is 'ready to move forward' after learning "tough lessons."

Stocks Should Pass Four Tests to Be Winners

In the last decade, all the stock indexes plunged, costing investors $2.5 trillion in lost wealth. Yet people keep buying stocks. To make sure you pick a winner like Amazon instead of a dud like AIG in the next decade, there are four key tests a stock should pass.

Congress zeroes in on Ken Lewis

It's the story of the preacher and the banker and the once-venerable financial services firm.

Congressman Edolphus "Ed" Towns, chairman of the House...

Why 'say on pay' is a waste of time

We have a little problem in the U.S., since we finance political campaigns largely with corporate money. CEOs direct that corporate money to...

CIT paid huge retention bonuses

CIT Group (CIT), which is facing likely bankruptcy, paid retention bonuses to 40 executives and key employees -- including two named officers in...

AIG requests more bonus money

AIG (AIG) wants to pay out more bonus money to executives, and why not? They probably earned it.

The insurance company, which is largely owned by the...

Should Obama regulate Wall Street pay?

Yes, he can and yes, he should. There is no doubt in my mind that people go to Wall Street for the money. They learn the rules of the game and they...