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Bank of America's New CEO Takes the Reins

Brian Moynihan seems keen to show the world that he's in charge of Bank of America. In his first public speech as head of the largest U.S. bank, the BofA insider says the industry is 'ready to move forward' after learning "tough lessons."

Stocks Should Pass Four Tests to Be Winners

In the last decade, all the stock indexes plunged, costing investors $2.5 trillion in lost wealth. Yet people keep buying stocks. To make sure you pick a winner like Amazon instead of a dud like AIG in the next decade, there are four key tests a stock should pass.

Feds to Business: Give Us the Skinny on Exec Comp

On Thursday, the SEC approved a series of changes to the way companies must disclose compensation on their annual proxy statements. Anyone who has ever tried to read a proxy statement knows that it can be a tough slog, but now, they may contain enough details to make it worth the effort.

Directors Must Do More To Earn Their Keep These Days

Sitting on a corporate board of directors has always been great work if you can get it, especially if it's with a company that's generous with board member compensation. These days, directors are feeling the heat to get some real work done.

Congress' hypocrisy on executive pay

Congress has taken some draconian steps to clamp down on excessive and undeserved pay at companies receiving bailout money. CNN reports that "the Pay...

How Washington can fix executive pay

As The New York Times reports, "The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and...

Reining in AIG's spending

Following the taxpayer-funded bailout of American International Group (AIG) tales of spa trips, canceled spa trips, hunting extravaganzas, and...