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ETFs at Midyear: Investments Keep Pouring In

The first half of 2010 has been anything but dull for exchange-traded fund investors. ETF assets in the U.S. decreased 0.4% to $772 billion as of June 30, but that actually indicates a serious inflow of cash: Equity markets, as measured by the S&P 500, fell 8.9% during the period.

ETF Basics: How to Dissect an ETF Fact Sheet

You're thinking of investing in an exchange-traded fund, but what are the odds you're going to read the whole prospectus? Don't buy blind: The ETF fact sheet can give you much of the key information, if you know how to look.

10 Rules You Need to Know Before Investing in ETFs

You're a savvy investor: You know your way around a mutual fund. But figuring out exchange-traded funds can be a whole different ballgame, so we've asked a few financial experts to help demystify the art of successful ETF investing.

Is the All-ETF Portfolio a Good Idea?

Portfolios made up entirely of exchange-traded funds could have appeal, as ETFs often have lower expense ratios than many mutual funds and they trade throughout the day. But investors should be careful, as buying ETFs based on speculation that an industry or market segment may outperform can be dangerous.

Will Bond ETFs Have Another Banner Year?

There's one word to describe the exchange-traded bond fund business and market in 2009 -- booming. Indeed, last year more than $39 billion flowed into long-only bond ETFs, while more than $26 billion flowed out of long only U.S. stock ETFs. Can fixed-income investors expect more of the same in 2010?

Is 'active ETF' an oxymoron?

Grail Advisors has announced the registration of four "actively managed" Exchange Traded Funds. According to William M. Thomas, the CEO of Grail,...