Murderabilia: The Online Market for Killers' Artifacts

Anyone who ever enjoyed a horror film knows the fascination a gruesome death can provoke. But no fictional horror can produce the frisson generated by the items for sale on websites like SerialKillersInk.net and MurderAuction.com: Real artifacts and artwork from the crime scenes and prison cells of the world's most famous serial killers.

Florida Is Still Letting Banks Break the Rules in Foreclosure Cases

An affidavit in a court case needs to include the documents that support its claims. Except for banks in Florida foreclosure cases. Despite the massive robo-signing scandal and evidence of errors in mortgage files, judges there still merely take the bank's word about what you owe.

Calif. Court Makes it Easier to Prove Discrimination

On Thursday, California Supreme Court ruled unanimous in favor of the plaintiff in an age-discrimination case against Google. The result will help all Golden State employees by making it easier for them to prove legally when discrimination has occurred.