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Why Euro Debt Jitters Aren't So Extreme Now

Despite a scary report about European bank debt, investor nerves seem far calmer now. Why the change? A surprising swing from an almost assured eurozone double dip to robust growth since the Greek debt crisis has played a major role in easing the mood.

Dow's Triple-Digit Gain Makes Blue Chips Even in 2010

News that most European banks appear adequately capitalized to weather further credit strains gave the market a late-day lift Friday, allowing it to finish the week with solid gains. The Dow and Nasdaq are now at breakeven for 2010, while the S&P 500 is off 1%.

Rising Stress Over European Bank Stress Tests

Ever since the Greek debt crisis began worrying investors last month, there have been increasing concerns that European banks could be facing huge losses. Many large banks are being stress tested, and investors are hoping that the results will be made public.

The dollar: Sunrise or sunset?

Many analysts have been proclaiming the U.S. dollar is in terminal decline, and that it is due to be replaced by another currency, perhaps the...