Google Faces New EU Antitrust Allegations

Google once again finds itself on the radar of the European Union's antitrust agency, which now is looking at allegations that the search engine demotes rivals' sites in search results.

European Parliament Undermines Banker Bonuses

The European Parliament has reportedly moved to reform the system of paying investment bankers, approving new rules that will require between 40% and 60% of bank bonuses to be deferred for at least three years, and giving governments the ability to claw back bonuses on deals that go bad.

Now Hungary's Debt Woes Are Rattling Global Markets

Hungary became the latest member the club of countries on the economic brink Friday after its newly elected government said it might default on its debts. Investors battered European stocks and Hungary's currency, the forint, and pushed the euro below $1.20 for the first time in four years.

The EU Tries to Curb the Ratings Agencies

European proposals aimed at better oversight of the ratings agencies will create a EU-wide watchdog to license and oversee the big three, taking these duties from member nations. But critics say the proposals don't go far enough.

Unilever's Sara Lee Deal Hits Speed Bump in EU

Unilever's $1.3 billion proposal to acquire Sara Lee's household and body products operation ran into a snag Monday when European antitrust regulators announced they are opening a deeper investigation into the proposed transaction.

Oil Plunges on Worries Over Europe

In the last two days, oil has fallen below $70 after trading at $89.77 just two weeks ago. The extraordinary reverse comes just weeks after several brokerage houses said it would go over $95 in 2010. But worries over Europe are likely to keep weighing on oil prices.

EU Shock-and-Awe Rescue Plan Burns the Bears

Monday's relief rally in global stock markets is almost certainly overdone, but make no mistake: The European Union's sovereign debt rescue package just exploded a large chunk of the bearish case for stocks.

Greece Under Attack From the Bond Vigilantes

As the bond vigilantes attack Greece, the European Union is preparing an emergency stabilization package to resolve the sovereign debt crisis. But he world's central banks must help involved too.

If the IMF Bails Out Europe, Who'll Bail Out the IMF?

The fund probably doesn't have the resources to bail out Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. Which begs the question -- who rescues the IMF if it needs more stabilization funds to put out another fire? You guessed it: The U.S. is at the top of that list.

Can an EU-TARP Buffer the World From Europe's Crisis?

The financial crisis that started with overly indebted Greece is spreading rapidly to engulf Spain, Portugal, and European Union banks. The world may need a TARP-like rescue effort to contain Europe's contagion.

Greece Bows to E.U. Pressure

Bowing to pressure from the E.U., Greece has announced new austerity measures. The country is gambling that the new cuts will encourage nations in the eurozone to back loans to Greece from their state-owned backs.

Microsoft Publicly Takes Google to Task Over Its Practices

Microsoft criticized Google for failing to adequately respond to a recent European Commission investigation into its market share and practices. In a blog post, Microsoft's deputy general counsel wrote that Google is trying to place the blame on Microsoft rather than take responsibility for its own actions.

Italy Convicts Google Execs of Privacy Violations

An Italian judge convicted three Google executives of privacy violations over a 2006 video depicting a child with Down Syndrome being bullied. What's more, the search giant was also facing antitrust scrutiny from European Union regulators over complaints leveled by three European Internet companies.

Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal OK'd

Antitrust regulators in the U.S. and Europe have approved Microsoft's search advertising partnership with Yahoo, giving the two companies a much needed boost in their quest to chip away at market leader Google. The regulatory victories are a major boost for Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who made the search partnership a key component in her still-young tenure leading the one-time Internet pioneer.

Greece Gets Support from E.U., However Vague

The European Union will give debt-plagued Greece a helping hand, maybe. EU President Herman Van Rompuy said that "euro area members will take determined and coordinated action if needed to safeguard stability in the euro zone as a whole." But details of the plan are still up in the air.

Germany to Offer Aid to Debt-Laden Greece?

Struggling with a worsening sovereign debt crisis, Greece appears closer to a bailout by the E.U. The plan may be led by Germany due to the size of its economy and relatively strong financial position.

GM and Spyker Seal a Deal
for Saab

After a year-long search, General Motors finally found a buyer for Saab in Spyker Cars, a Dutch sports-car maker. The offer comprises $74 million in cash and $326 million in preferred shares. Saab workers and customers finally have a strong reason to be hopeful.

Microsoft Strikes Deal with E.U. on Browser Bundling

Microsoft has sealed a deal to end a decade of litigation with the European Union over charges that it unfairly used its dominant operating system to promote its Web browser, Internet Explorer. The computer giant agreed to give European users a choice of up to 12 browsers in future editions of Windows.

Sun cuts 3,000 jobs in slap at EU

Several weeks ago, Oracle (ORCL) said that Sun Microsystems (JAVA), which it is in the process of buying, is losing $100 million a month due to EU...

Oil passes $75 on its way up

Oil traded on Globex moved to $75.15 overnight Tuesday. Part of the reason is that OPEC said it expected demand to rise next year -- up by 200,000...

EU to hit Microsoft, again

Every few years, the European Union takes another bite out of Microsoft's (MSFT) business in the region. All of the actions are based on antitrust...

Intel's last hurrah?

Intel Corp. (INTC) sees reason for optimism in the quarter ahead even as storm clouds loom on the horizon. Speaking today at a company event, Chief...