Sony Dumps J.Lo: End of the Superstar Era?

Just days before Jennifer Lopez was slated to serve as host and musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live,' Sony Music Entertainment has dropped her from its Epic subsidiary. Is this the end of the superstar era in the record industry?

Group Files Federal Complaint Over Google's Social Network

A digital privacy group has filed a complaint with the feds over Google's new "Buzz" social networking product, saying the search giant's use of private email contacts to build a public online community violated federal consumer protection laws. Google said it has already made changes and has more in the works.

Privacy Groups Blast Facebook

Facebook is in some hot water after its new privacy settings released last week include default settings that make user information more easily seen. That means users would have to actively seek out and change their privacy settings. Privacy advocates have filed a complaint with the Feds, arguing the changes violate consumer protection law.