Using EnergyStar to Save Money? Buyer Beware.

Energy Star, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) efficiency-rating program for appliances, is under fire for making dubious claims, mislabeling products, or insufficiently verifying manufacturers' claims.

Authorities to Investigate Companies Related to Gulf Oil Disaster

Federal officials plan to investigate at least three companies involved in the Gulf oil spill as a part of a criminal probe that will determine if their relationship with federal regulators contributed to the disaster, The Washington Post reported. A team of investigators known as the "BP squad" will focus on BP (BP), Transocean (RIG), which leased the Deepwater Horizon rig to BP, and Halliburton (HAL), which finished cementing the well less than 24 hours before the rig exploded. It will also investigate if regulators went easy on the companies in exchange for money or other inducements. The Washington Post did not name its sources.

High Court to Rule on Arizona's Other Immigration Law

Though the recently passed Arizona law empowering police to detain suspected illegal immigrants has gotten more attention, on Monday the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to rule on a different, but extremely important Arizona immigration law, one that punishes employers for hiring illegal immigrants.

Feds won't OK bedbug killer

The Federal Government continues to shut down proposals to use industrial pesticide to combat bed bugs. The same bugs that are spreading across homes...

For Food Business, BP Oil
Spill Is a Recipe for Disaster

As the BP (BP) Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues to devastate the Gulf coast fishing industry, worries are growing that contaminated seafood may find its way onto the dinner table. While retailers, restauranteurs and government officials scurry to protect consumers, the full implications of the environmental disaster are beginning to come to light.