energy efficiency

Investment Surge Powers Up Smart-Grid Tech

eMeter, which makes software for monitoring energy use, is the latest smart-grid tech startup to garner significant investment -- $12.5 million worth. With old electricity grids being replaced with smart ones, investors -- and tech giants like Google and Cisco -- are surging into the sector.

Clean-Tech Investments Surge, With Solar in Lead

Global clean-tech venture investments rose 43% to $2 billion in the second quarter and hit a high for the first half of this year. Solar and biofuel startups garnered the biggest funding, and the IPO market for clean-tech was much hotter in China than the U.S.

House Passes $6 Billion Cash for Caulkers Bill

The House on Thursday approved the $6 billion Home Star Energy Retrofit Act, aka Cash for Caulkers, which aims to make the world a little greener, foster job growth and save Americans money on retrofitting their homes with energy efficient products that can lead to lower utility bills.