Harvard No Longer in Talks to Sell Real Estate to China Fund

Harvard University is no longer in talks to sell real estate stakes to China%u2019s sovereign wealth fund, Bloomberg News reported. The school had been in talks with China Investment Corp. regarding the sale of real estate stakes worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Bloomberg News reported without naming its sources.

Stumbling Venture Capital Harms Startups

A lot more money could be flowing to promising startups. But it's not because some investors are disgruntled about VC's high risk, low returns, and scarcity of ways to cash out. And in the absence of a new wave of big tech innovation, investors have little incentive to part with their cash.

The Dubious Finances of University Endowments

The nonprofit Center for Social Philanthropy reports that many institutions of higher learning were far from innocent victims of the economic downturn. Rather, risky endowment investing played a major role in the financial meltdown.

College Endowments Plummeted, But Salaries Rose

Universities' aggressive investment strategies cost them dearly in fiscal 2009. For the year ending June 30, endowments lost 18.7%, their worst decline since the 1930s. That contrasts sharply with another trend in higher education: rising salaries for university officers.