Don't Blame the Economy on the Uncertainty

The government today is often blamed for causing economic uncertainty, which some point to as the source of all the economy's woes. But there's a deeper issue in play than the fact that we have to guess what's coming next: The problem is the bias in our guesses.

The Growing Strains Between Employees and Employers

A new report from Hewitt Associates highlight a growing tension between stressed employers and fatigued workers, who are responding to a lengthy period of uncertainty and confusion brought about by the recession and their companies' actions.

A Glimmer of Hope on the Employment Front

More than half of large U.S. businesses that reduced staff in the last year plan to rebuild their workforces to pre-recession levels within two years, according to a recent report by employment-consultancy Accenture.

No Jobs Yet: Execs See Little Hiring Until Next Year

Chief financial officers at U.S. companies are increasingly pessimistic about the job market over the next six to 12 months: Results from two independent surveys say most firms don%u2019t plan to do any significant hiring until 2011 or beyond.

Tax Rule Will Bury Small Businesses in Paperwork

Today, businesses must send 1099 forms to people they pay $600 or more for services rendered. It's a simple way to make sure workers report their income to the IRS. But starting in 2012, businesses will have to send 1099s to other companies too, for virtually every product or service they purchase.

Legal Briefing: Bank of America Hit By Massive Wage Lawsuit

Apparently large scale basic labor law violations aren't limited to Wal-Mart (WMT); Bank of America (BAC) was hit Friday with a class action lawsuit charging B of A failed to pay for hours worked, failed to pay overtime, and failed to provide required breaks. B of A currently employs about 294,000 people, and the suing class be as large as 180,000 people.

People@Work: Today's Independent Workers Need a Safety Net

Freelancers like to work how and when they want. But that flexibility entails more than a few downfalls. A new Freelancers Union's report shows 81% of independents had little or no work, 40% had trouble collecting wages from clients, and 39% had either cut back or ended health coverage.

Happiness Coaching: Is it a Positive or a Negative?

A growing list of companies have jumped on the "happiness coaching" bandwagon. To its practitioners, it is a proven method that can lead to changed lives. But to its detractors, its just another gimmick for squeeze more work out of dispirited employees.

Career-Management Tips for 2010

Though the odds may seem daunting, job seekers shouldn't view finding new employment as an impossible goal, says workplace expert John Challenger, chief executive at employment consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas. "The key to success is to take an active approach and make your own opportunities," he says.

Jobless Claims Improve Again

Fresh data shows the nation's labor market is continuing to improve modestly. The number of people filing new claims for unemployment fell to a seasonally adjusted 432,000 for the week ending Dec. 26, the Labor Department reports, down 22,000 from the previous week's 454,000.

Wal-Mart to Pay $40 Million to Settle Labor Suit

Wal-Mart agreed to pay $40 million to settle a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts that alleged the big-box retailer cheated 87,500 current and former employees in the state out of pay and failed to obey work rules. The class-action suit, filed in 2001, accused Wal-Mart of altering time cards, refusing to pay overtime, and denying workers rest and meal breaks.

An uglier side to the AIG story

Were you convinced that the antics surrounding American International Group (AIG) couldn't get any worse? After all, there was that big $85 billion...

To hire or not to hire

One big milestone for a new business owner is the hiring of employees. For some businesses, it's not really optional. If you own a restaurant, a...