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GOP Blocks Bill to Extend Jobless Benefits

Unemployed Americans are facing a bleaker holiday season after Republicans in the House of Representatives thwarted an expedited effort by Democrats to extend jobless benefits into next year. The measure passed by a 258-154 vote, but failed to meet the two-thirds majority required for "fast-track" legislation. Republicans opposed the legislation because it wasn't paid for with unused funds from last year's economic stimulus program.

Initial Jobless Claims Higher Than Expected

In another setback on the employment front, initial jobless claims jumped a larger than anticipated 20,000 to 457,000, the Labor Department announced Thursday. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg had predicted initial jobless claims would total 443,000.

Jobless Claims Fall as Recovery Sputters Along

U.S. initial jobless claims fell by 23,000 to 452,000 last week, but the decline was offset somewhat by the fact that the prior week%u2019s claims total was revised upward by 13,000. The numbers were a little better than expected, but still not enough to indicate a recovery gaining momentum.

Initial Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Rise 13,000 to 462,000

Just call this week%u2019s labor report a wash: Initial jobless claims unexpectedly jumped 13,000 to 462,000, but continuing claims plunged another 112,000, and the trend in state-level claims continues to provide evidence that the period of layoffs is subsiding.

Initial Jobless Claims Fall by 31,000 to 473,000

The Labor Department's jobless report finally brought a bit of good news Thursday: Initial jobless claims fell by an unexpectedly large 31,000 last week to 473,000. Unemployment remains at a level that policy makers consider unacceptably high, but at least it may be heading in the right direction.

Initial Jobless Claims Make a Surprise Jump

Initial jobless claims unexpectedly surged by 19,000 to 479,000, the Labor Department said Thursday, but the statistic was likely skewed higher by the normal, seasonal industrial shutdowns that happen every year in late summer.

Unemployment Benefits Extended for 2.5 Million

Jobless aid will soon flow again to millions after Senate and House lawmakers voted to extend emergency unemployment insurance. Benefit money could begin flowing to some Americans as early as next week.

What's the "Real" Jobless Rate?

Although it seems like toting up the numbers should be fairly straightforward, it turns out to be a complicated calculation, thanks to several inherent difficulties. For starters, unemployment is a snapshot of a moving target.