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The Sims Goes Green, With an Electric Car Tie-In

Renault isn't planning to bring electric vehicles to the market until next year, but The Sims will get to test drive the vehicles virtually this spring. Electronic Arts has signed a deal to make the automaker's Twizy Z.E. concept car available on The Sims 3 for free. But will going green help the game company make money?

EA Swings at a New Market with Tiger Woods Game

Electronic Arts launches an online version of its Tiger Woods PGA Tour game the same week that the world-famous golfer returns to the links for the Masters Tournament. So far, the beta has attracted a new generation of gamers for the company -- the over-40 crowd.

Tiger's Real Test Comes Only After the Hype Fades

Some media reports claim Woods's return will generate ratings to equal the Super Bowl. That may be true, but remember that he carries a golf club and not a magic wand. Interest in Woods's return will likely fade over time. Only then will we know how durable his value really is.

The Hottest Play in Social Network Games Is M&A

The fastest-growing category in games today is social gaming. Since its start three years ago, the industry is on track to generate over $2 billion by 2012, according to research by ThinkEquity Partners. And yes, VCs are investing aggressively, and the M&A action is heating up.

Will Electronic Arts Become a Takeover Play?

Despite having some big-name titles, such as Madden NFL, EA's stock has been in the dumps. The bears say there's good reason for that and don't expect it to perk up. The bulls, however, see a company with potential that's alluringly cheap for a bigger tech partner.

Electronic Arts Shares Sink on Weak Outlook

Shares of video game maker, whose games include the popular "Madden" series, plunge after the company issued a disappointing outlook -- a sign that big cost-cuts and layoffs have not ended the company's slump.

Electronic Arts' Game Sales Lack Positive Motion

Although Electronic Arts' fundamentals look solid, analysts have not been upbeat about the games giant's upcoming results, citing a "low pick-up" in video game sales. At the end of November, total video games sales were $14.1 billion, down 12% from the same time a year ago.

Awful Guidance for Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (ERTS), the largest video game maker in the U.S., released new guidance on December 10, and the numbers were awful. GAAP sales for its fiscal 2010, which ends in March, will be well below its November forecasts.

Super Bowl XLIV May Set Record for Ad Minutes

A 30-second ad hasn't only reached record prices, quadrupling during the past 20 years to $3 million each for the 2009 game, but the time allotted to ads has also expanded to a record, according to a study from ad researcher TNS Media Intelligence.

Did Tiger's Troubles Cost Sponsors $12 billion?

A new study by a pair of University of California Davis economics professors suggests that the Tiger Woods scandal has cost his corporate sponsors as much as $12 billion. But a closer look at the facts shows those numbers just don't add up.

Icahn Buys Big Stake in Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive, publisher of popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto, announced disappointing earnings Thursday. But that didn't deter Carl Icahn from buying an 11% stake in the company the same day.

Too Many Android Models?

The quickly rising popularity of cell phones powered by Google's new mobile operating system is making one cohort of the mobile phone ecosystem nervous: Application developers could suffer if they need to keep tweaking code to work with multiple models.

Walmart Launches a Price War in Video Games

It looks like Walmart is fixing to do for video games what it's already done for toys and books this season. Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) announced it has cut the prices of popular video games like Halo 3: ODST; Rock Band: Beatles; and Left 4 Dead 2 by up to 20 percent.