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Electronic Arts Launches 3-Day Preview Play

Electronic Arts is debuting EA SPORTS Season Ticket, an online subscription program that gives gamers a three-day jump on new sports titles, before they hit the stores. The hope is that a trial period will increase purchases, but some analysts are dubious.

Next Week's Big News: Cable TV, China.com, More

Plenty of big names are set to report their earnings in August, including the country's largest cable and satellite television providers, several of China's leading dot-coms, radio giant Sirius XM, car rental companies Zipcar and Avis, and the two biggest video game developers.

'Ask the Expert': Netflix Price Hike, More 'Angry Birds'?

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Video Game Sales Are Down: Are Apps to Blame?

A research firm that tracks video game sales reported that March hardware sales rose, but software sales plunged again. NPD claims that 23% of software sales in 2010 came from apps, but the industry isn't sure that its lagging sales figures can be entirely blamed on apps like "Angry Birds."

New Tiger Woods Video Game Sets Sales Record

Tiger Woods may not have won a PGA tournament in nearly two years, and his last attempt to take home a green jacket from the Masters was a bust, but the virtual Tiger is on a roll: "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters" has broken all sales records for the Electronic Arts franchise.

Online Video-Game Pirates Outgun the Publishers

More than 19 million people illegally downloaded five of the top-selling video games of 2010, indicating that game thieves remain one step ahead of publishers when it comes to online piracy.

Activision Seeks $400 Million from Rival Electronic Arts

Activision Blizzard Inc, maker of the "Call of Duty" videogames, is seeking $400 million damages from Electronic Arts (ERTS). Activision sought to add Electronic Arts as a defendant in a case against two former employees who developed the hit "Call of Duty" franchise, Reuters reported.

How Big Video-Game Studios Might Win on Smartphones

Keep an eye on 'Falcon Gunner,' a new breed of "augmented reality" game for smartphones. It's far more sophisticated than the typical iPhone game, but still far cheaper than a console game. And that could give the big-name game makers a much-needed opening.

What Apple Should Buy Next: Happy Shareholders

Apple has accumulated tons of cash lately, but how should it spend that money? A smart bet would be to use it to bring in the next Steve Jobs -- but there isn't one. Which leads to this thought: Maybe Apple should buy billions in put options on itself to be exercised the day Jobs retires as CEO.

Daily Blogwatch: Twitter as a Stock Market Indicator

Among Wednesday's top online stories for investors: Warren Buffett on why stocks are cheaper than bonds and gold; using Twitter to predict stock market swings; and the final low down on Apple's amazing quarter.

Medal of Honor Hits Stores -- But Not on Military Bases

In Electronic Arts' new Medal of Honor game, players can take on the role of the Taliban or U.S. soldiers. But the prospect of having players shoot Americans doesn't go over too well with lots of folks, including the one running base stores.

Tiger Woods: Still Winning in the Sponsorship Game

Despite Tiger Woods' recent golf fumbles and lurid sexual revelations, the golfer never lost his ability to sell stuff. Corporate sponsors have long tolerated athletes' bad behavior, and Woods is too big a star for them to stay away.

Electronic Arts Sells 15% Stake in Ubisoft Entertainment

Electronic Arts Inc. (ERTS) sold its 15% stake in Ubisoft Entertainment SA (UBSFF) in a deal worth about 94 million euros ($122 million), Bloomberg News reported without naming its sources. Swiss bank UBS sold about 14 million shares in Ubisoft at a price of 6.75 euros a share. Ubisoft is Europe%u2019s largest video-game producer and the company behind games such as "Splinter Cell" and "Assassin%u2019s Creed."

Disney M&A Magic Will Be Good News for Tapulous

Disney buys Tapulous, a scrappy start-up that found success with its Tap Tap App for Apple's iPhone. With the acquisition, Disney gets a team that knows the mobile market and could help the company become a great source of content.