GE-Hitachi Nuclear: A Global Sales Push

Hitachi and General Electric's nuclear power unit will open five new sales offices around the world by the end of this year. Target markets include the U.S., Vietnam, the U.K., Spain and Poland.

Industrial Surveys Show Economic Recovery Slowing

One nation industrial and two regional surveys released this week provided further evidence that the U.S. economic recovery weakened somewhat in the second quarter, as manufacturing growth slowed.

Gadgets That Can Help You Cut Electricity Costs

Companies are rolling out a growing number of energy-monitoring tools intended to help consumers monitor and reduce their energy use and save money. Here's a roundup of some of the niftiest technology and services on the market.

Here Comes a Pedal-Powered Cell Phone Charger

Nokia has jumped on the environmentally friendly bandwagon with its new bicycle charger kit, which it hopes to have on sale by the end of the year. The device will do precisely what you'd expect: allow cyclists to power up their cell phones by pedaling their bicycles.

Savings Experiment: Go Unplugged

In this Savings Experiment, we look at how much electricity we really save when we unplug all our electric appliances from the socket.

Electric slide: Power costs drop

Finally, one for the good news file. Thanks to reduced demand, the cost for power at the wholesale level has gone down, according to this article...

Today is Vampire Power Awareness Day

Playing on the Halloween theme, Best Buy has declared today Vampire Awareness Day to draw attention to "vampire power", the electricity squandered by...