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GM Will Soon Go Public, but Should You Invest?

General Motors is about to go public again and management is flying around on private jets for the road show. The success of the stock may have a lot to do with how the Volt is received.

Siemens in Talks With Chinese City to Supply Electric Car Chargers

Siemens AG (SI) is in talks to supply a Chinese city with the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles. The German company expects to close a deal this month to provide customized charging posts for a single city, Song Xiao, president of Siemens China Smart Grid, told Bloomberg News. Once the deal is done, Siemens will supply the charging posts within three months.

Church: A Place to Recharge Your ... Car?

Fueling up your car at a church seems like a novel idea. But the emergence of an electric car market has resulted in a charging station at the Wooden Cross Lutheran church some 25 miles northeast of Seattle.

China Spending $15 Billion on Electric Car Project

Mindful of the ecological toll that gasoline and diesel engines exact on the environment, the Chinese government is pressing forward with plans to build 1 million electric vehicles a year by 2020. China's government plans to spend 100 billion yuan ($15 billion) in the next 10 years to subsidize the effort, which includes building plants and infrastructure to accommodate green vehicles.

GM Says Employees Can Buy IPO Shares

General Motors is offering some 600,000 employees, retirees and dealers the chance to purchase stock in the resurgent company as the auto giant moves forward with its initial public offering, slated for next month.

General Motors Defends Volt All-Electric Vehicle Claim

General Motors is firing back at the automotive press after critics' assertions that the much-anticipated Chevrolet Volt isn't a true electric car -- rather merely another hybrid, and not particularly fuel-thrifty.

GE Puts Its Power Behind Electric Car Charging Company

GE, which is eager for a big slice of the emerging electric car market, said Wednesday it's teaming up with a Silicon Valley startup, Better Place, to promote their charging station and battery-swapping businesses. GE gets homes for its newly introduced charging equipment, and Better Place

New Fuel Economy Labels Proposed for Electric Cars

For everyone who wants to know how fuel efficient electric and hybrid cars really are compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, the EPA has released two fuel-economy label proposals Monday that would translate electricity usage into an equivalent in miles per gallon.

What's the Volt's MPG? There's No Easy Answer

Have your calculator and utility bill handy if you're keen on buying a Chevy Volt (or Nissan LEAF) and want to compare fuel costs between electric and gasoline cars. The EPA is still grappling with how to provide consumers with ratings comparable to the familiar MPG labels.

At $41,000, Will Buyers Plug Into Chevy's Volt?

GM has finally put a sticker price on its much anticipated plug-in electric hybrid. Granted, a hefty federal tax credit will defray the cost, but the Volt carries a premium price. GM's challenge now is convincing consumers the Volt is worth it.

Honda Plugs Into the Electric-Car Bandwagon

With Honda's president saying the company had "no future" if it didn't make vehicles that emitted less carbon dioxide, the Japanese carmaker is now gearing up to join Toyota, GM and Nissan in the electric-car and plug-in hybird derby.

Hefty U.S. Funds to Jump-Start Electric-Car Sector

Federal funds will help create a big-enough manufacturing base to produce up to 500,000 electric cars yearly by 2015, according to the Energy Department. The funds, part of the economic stimulus program, will also boost the U.S. share of global battery production to 40% by 2015.

Tesla Preparing to Ship Electric Car Prototypes to Toyota

Toyota Motor's recent $50 million investment in electric-car upstart Tesla Motors is already paying dividends. Tesla reportedly will ship two prototypes, based on Toyota's RAV4 sport utility vehicle and Lexus RX crossover, to the Japanese automaker later this month.

Obama: Economic Growth, But 'Hard Days Ahead'

Speaking at the Smith Electric Vehicles plant in Missouri, President Barack Obama said Thursday that the economy is growing, with private companies adding jobs in each of the last six months. But he also projected some hard days ahead.

Tesla's Shiny New Stock
Runs Out of Juice

Electric car maker Tesla's Roadster has amazing acceleration, but the rise and fall of the company's stock after its high-profile IPO was even faster. Tesla debuted on the public market last week at $17 a share and shot up 79% to $30.42 in two days. Now, it's back below the IPO price.

Tesla IPO: A Good Start, But Don't Expect Too Much

It sure got off to a rubber-burning start on a dreadful day for stocks. But how does it stack up? Other IPOs have raised more money this year, and Tesla's jump isn't the biggest. The warning: Many others have dropped since day one.

Tesla Promises to Charge Up the IPO Market

IPOs have been pretty tame so far this year, but here comes a much-buzzed-about offering from Tesla, featuring supersexy electric vehicles, like the Model S, and Elon Musk -- a CEO who's so far making far more headlines than cars.

The Tesla Effect: What's Charging Up This Electric Car

Tesla Motors IPO announcement has attracted many skeptics. But take a look at how Tesla's sleek sports car has fired up the imagination of Silicon Valley's wealthy. This excitement bodes very well for the electric-car maker's success.

The Next Model T?
Tesla Motors to Go Public

California electric-car company Tesla Motors has filed for a $178 million IPO, which will make it the first U.S. car company to go public since Ford. The maker of the sporty Roadster is counting on the IPO to bring in the capital it needs to launch its second car, Model S.

Biz Brief: Electric Car Maker Tesla Plans $178 Million IPO

Tesla Motors hopes to raise about $178 million in what would be the first IPO by an American auto company since 1956. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based electric car company plans to price its shares between $14 and $16, according to a Tuesday SEC filing.

GM Goes VC: Automaker Starts $100 Million Fund

A newly energized GM is setting up a $100 million investment fund to bet on technologies that the automaker hopes will enable it to launch desirable, more fuel efficient cars -- and do so faster than its competitors.

Hawaii: A Guinea Pig for the Green Car Industry

Hawaii is buzzing with tidings of green cars. Korean electric car company CT&T plans to build an electric car production facility, GM will be testing its hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles there, and Silicon Valley startup Better Place is already on the ground building its electric car network.

The Tesla-Toyota Electric Car Deal: Sweet Vindication

With this move, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (pictured, with Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, left) has a chance to silence the critics of his company and his stewardship, blunting contentions that Tesla would have died without Uncle Sam's recent largesse. The main complaint: Tesla wasn't a real car company. This deal changes that -- and a lot more.

Electric Car Projects Have the Most Buzz for Green Investors

Investors are bullish about the electric car business, with startup CODA Automotive the latest to bag additional venture capital for the launch of its first vehicle. It joins many carmakers with plans to launch electric cars for the masses.