Economists Reluctantly Pick Romney

A bare majority of economists surveyed by CNNMoney think Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be better for the economy than President Obama. But on the whole, the economists weren't very enthusiastic about either of them.

Economists Assess Nation's Financial Fitness, Job Picture

Economists discussing the sluggish state of the economy at a media breakfast held by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants this week, offered up a variety of explanations for the lasting economic malaise, ranging from the housing crisis fallout to structural unemployment.

Economists: Boost Growth Now, Fix Deficit Later

The National Association for Business Economics released its semiannual Economic Policy Survey Sunday, and nearly 60% of respondents said they support the Fed's monetary policies. But only 39% feel the administration's fiscal stance is appropriate, and 75% oppose another stimulus package.

When Does a Recession End? It's Not Simply Academic

The National Bureau of Economic Research isn't ready yet to call this one over. That makes sense, given that jobs are a key factor in the group's judgment about when recessions begin and end. Delaying that call, however, also has major political implications.