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3 Signs We're Heading for a Recession

Zero jobs were created in August. Does that, by itself, augur another recession? Not necessarily -- but add the state of consumer confidence, and top it off with Wall Street skittishness, and all signs point to trouble ahead. Government economists, however, are predicting growth. Here's why they may be wrong.

Factory Orders Rise, but Not as Much as Expected

Factory orders rose just 0.1% in July, the U.S. Commerce Department announced Thursday in a report that further clarified that the manufacturing sector's expansion slowed down this summer. While the statistic did indicate tepid growth, it was less than the 0.3% gain economists had predicted.

Initial Jobless Claims Fall by 31,000 to 473,000

The Labor Department's jobless report finally brought a bit of good news Thursday: Initial jobless claims fell by an unexpectedly large 31,000 last week to 473,000. Unemployment remains at a level that policy makers consider unacceptably high, but at least it may be heading in the right direction.

U.S. Job Market Suffers Another Bruising Month

With nation stuck in job drought -- adding just 71,000 new private sector jobs -- more pressure will be on the Federal Reserve to do what it can to stimulate an economy that's operating well below its potential. One puzzle: How to create jobs in a period of soaring productivity?

China Admits Its Economy Faces Challenges

In comments posted on China's Central Government website, Premier Wen Jiabao warned that China's economy is facing mounting difficulties as a result of the international financial crisis and the unpredictable nature of the global economic recovery.

The Positive News in May's Durable Goods Report

Although durable goods order fell 1.1% in May -- its first decline in six months -- the key ex-transportation component rose 0.9%, confirming an ongoing expansion in the nation's manufacturing sector.