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The 5 Best Things to Buy in April

Some bargains for April (like summer air travel) look ahead. Some (like winter gear) look behind. And some (like spring cleaning) are all about the moment.

5 Surprising Companies Going Green

When one thinks of green businesses, names like Whole Foods and Patagonia spring to mind. But there are other big firms whose major environmental efforts may surprise you.

The Profitable Side of Going Green

Mother Earth is getting a little bit of relief as more companies yield to pressure from environmentalists and activist shareholders to reduce their carbon footprints. But Gaia isn't the only one who's benefiting: Just ask some of the companies that have saved serious greenbacks by going green.

Top 10 Most - and Least - Green U.S. States

It's Earth Day! This year, the theme is "A Billion Acts of Green," meant to show that millions of small acts can make a profound difference in the environment. Here's a look 10 U.S. states that are certainly making an impact.

Five Steps You Can Take to Save the Environment

Think you can't make a difference when it comes to the environment? Think again. These five steps are easy, low-cost ways to cut carbon emissions on an individual level without much, if any, cost to you. In fact, you'll likely save money.

Get paid to recycle with RecycleBank

When I was young, the only way to get paid for recycling was to collect enough aluminum cans to fill up my dad's truck; and even then I was lucky to...

Edible Landscaping: A Profitable Eco-Friendly Investment

Edible landscaping is an investment that pays off in small and big ways. After we replaced our lawn with a food garden two years ago, people started to stop and stare in admiration at our yard. What's more, the garden now produces big value: $200 in supplies has thus far yielded about $1,000 in produce.

Earth Day 2010 freebies and deals

You don't have to be a tree hugger or live off the grid to appreciate the deals and freebies happening Thursday, April 22, in celebration of Earth...

A green lining for the bad economy

Two headlines in my local paper today made me re-think the phrase, "silver lining." Because according to The Oregonian today, the bad economy has a...