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Why You Need to Be Your Own Stock Analyst

Sell-side analysts are often criticized for acting too slowly when it come to downgrading companies and lowering estimates. That means if you rely on the experts, you'll be reacting late too.

Will GM Post Its First Annual Profit Since 2004?

Or will it disappoint? Investors -- and taxpayers -- will be watching on Thursday, when GM is posts its latest earnings. Despite analyst expectations of a full-year profit, the automaker has warned that fourth-quarter results will fall "significantly" from previous periods.

Why Earnings Are Booming Amid a Tepid U.S. Economy

The "new normal" coined by Pimco posited a long era of diminished earnings and stock prices as overleveraged consumers and companies cut back spending. But it's not playing out that way. It seems Corporate America is growing less and less dependent on America.

Citigroup Earnings Beat Wall Street Estimates

Citigroup on Monday morning reported third quarter net income of $2.2 billion, topping Wall Street estimates and marking its third consecutive quarterly operating profit. Citi shares were up as much as 2.3% in premarket trading.

Ford Earnings Preview: Sales and Profits Hit the Gas

FordFord Motor is set to deliver strong earnings when it reports second-quarter results Friday. After disastrously low sales in 2009, the auto industry as a whole has been in recovery mode this year -- and Ford has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the revival.

These Tech Stocks Are Charging Up

While the whole technology sector is revving up, the semiconductor and storage segments show the highest gains in earnings estimates. Since earnings season kicked off several weeks ago, estimates for chipmakers alone have risen by 12.5%. Tech investors should take note of Wall Street's bullishness.

GE Earnings Preview: Watch GE Capital Services

The industry titan is expected to post a soft quarter with an improving outlook. But analysts are still wary of its General Electric Capital Services bogeyman. Watch out if GECS's losses and impairments surpass the company's projections of $13 billion to $19 billion.

Will 2011 Earnings Set Records? Don't Bet On It

The irrational despondence that set in during the grips of the downturn is now giving way to an unfounded exuberance. The most concrete signal that Wall Street is again looking at the world through rose-colored glasses: Analysts expect S&P 500 companies to rack up record earnings increases next year.

Toyota Admits Prius Brake Problems

Overshadowing a profit report for its fiscal third quarter, a Toyota official says "We are investigating whether there are defects in the Prius." The quarterly report covers a period before the gas-pedal recall and others, so the profit is likely to be short-lived as Toyota scrambles to make repairs and rebuild its reputation.

Preview: Ford to Report Peppy Q4 Results

By all accounts, Ford Motor is on a roll, and analysts are hoping to see an upbeat fourth quarter when the automaker reports earnings on Thursday. Compared to other manufacturers, Ford is in an enviable position.