Sony Cuts Price in Latest Round of E-Reader Wars

Sony has slashed the price of its Daily Edition e-reader to $299.99 from $349.99, following similar price cuts to Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. Can any of these companies really make money at the reduced price levels?

What Corporate Computing Could Soon Look Like

Enterprise computing and consumer electronics are starting to converge. Special-use devices with integrated software, memory and storage are set to take off -- perhaps led by database giant Oracle, which now owns the Java programming language.

Amazon Kindle Coming to an Airport Near You

Now if you didn't think to pack your electronic book reader, you can pick one up at the airport. Amazon.com has signed an exclusive deal with HMSHost to stock the Kindle in 11 airports around the country, starting immediately.

Reality Check for Tablet Market Projections

At a conference about the future of tablets, analysts and media companies alike made bold predictions about how the devices will revolutionize the marketplace. Yet, with the market-leading iPad out a mere two months, it doesn't seem like any of the projections carry much weight.

What Will Make E-Reading Take Off? A Low-Priced Tablet

A Boston Consulting Group survey has encouraging results for publishers anxious to turn the masses on to e-reading. Significant numbers plan to buy an e-reader, and what they're after is a cheap, multifunctional device like a tablet PC.

Will E-Books Send Hardcover Prices Soaring?

Alberto Vitale, former CEO of Random House, believes the prices of hardcover books could climb by at least a third in the next five years while prices for e-books could decline.

Penguin Is No. 1 on iPad, But Gets No Love From Amazon

Book publisher Penguin has many reasons to feel good: Its preliminary earnings report for 2010 is positive, and its book deals with Apple is working well. But Penguin still hasn't sorted out its issues with Amazon, and the online giant is making it pay.

Kindle at Target?: E-Reader Wars Go Brick-And-Mortar

Amazon has long dominated the e-reader market by selling its Kindle strictly online. But with growing competition from Barnes & Noble's nook and Apple's iPad, both of which are available in real-world retail outlets, Amazon may be ready to put the Kindle on shelves in a Target store near you.

Sony Slashes e-Reader Price

Sony has cut the price of its entry level e-reader by $30 to $169.99. Some predict prices could fall as low as $99 by next year.

Are 'Enhanced' Textbooks the Digital Future?

Why buy an expensive e-reader if all you're going to read on it is the same text you'd get in a paperback? Companies hoping to preempt that question have an answer or two: multimedia-enhanced books, and textbooks that professors can add to and edit a la Wikipedia.

Borders Follows Amazon, Barnes and Noble into E-Books

Ailing books retailer Borders hopes to ring in the new year with good news on the electronic front. The company announced on Tuesday it will launch an e-book store on its Web site, with the help of Canadian digital book company Kobo -- and that a dedicated e-reader is in the works.

Top Publishers Link Arms in E-Reader Push

Five media companies that spend most of their time in bitter competition with one another are now joining forces in a new venture intended to midwife the arrival of portable digital magazines and newspapers on a mass scale.

Another competitor for Kindle

How many Kindles is too many Kindles? When Amazon (AMZN) first introduced its e-reader over a year ago, its sales made it a spectacular consumer...

Are Kindles really so green?

A report released last week by the Cleantech Group, a consultancy and analysis outfit, laid out a strong environmental case for the Amazon Kindle...