Push Pop Press: Apple Alums Launch Digital Book Maker

Expect lots of hand gestures, pinching, and other actions now familiar to users of Apple's iOS devices when Push Pop Press -- founded by former Apple designer Mike Matas -- launches its new digital book company.

How One Writer Is Riding the E-Book Revolution

A novelist realizes that a book she wrote 20 years ago -- now out of print -- can be revived today as an e-book. Here's the story of how she took that old print volume and turned it into an e-book, complete with new title, new cover -- and new royalties!

Random House's E-Book Deal With Wylie Leaves Much Unanswered

Random House and top literary agent Andrew Wylie have settled their fight over his plans to publish e-books of older works from big name authors he represents. But while the battle is over, the settlement announcement raises more questions than it answers about the future of e-publishing.

How to Profit From the Changing Book Business

During a culinary barbecue escapade, Tom Ryder, now on the board of Amazon, gives his view on the coming shake-out in e-publishing and where the opportunities are for investors.

Writers Find Treasure in New Publishing Models

Today's exponential e-book growth has inspired a gold-rush mentality in enterprising authors, taking charge of their own distribution and promotion of their work through a variety of unorthodox strategies, from cheap digital copies to forging business relationships with indie bookstores.