More Bad News for Borders With 2Q Earnings

For the quarter ending July 31, overall sales dropped 11.5% from a year ago to $526 million, continuing a downward spiral that's seen revenues over this time decline year-on-year from $945 million in 2007 to $749 million in 2008 to $617 million in 2009.

Random House, Hachette Cash In on Bestsellers

Two of the largest publishing houses -- Random House and Hachette -- have demonstrated again that when authors like Stephenie Meyer or Stieg Larsson become big phenomenons, big sales -- and big profits -- are the result. But when a phenomenon starts to wane, red ink can start creeping into the black.

Barnes & Noble Kicks Off Proxy Fight With Burkle

Barnes & Noble's board has sent a letter to shareholders urging them to vote to rebuff investor Ron Burkle's battle to control the bookseller. The letter is part of annual-meeting materials B&N mailed to shareholders, formally launching its proxy battle.

Random House's E-Book Deal With Wylie Leaves Much Unanswered

Random House and top literary agent Andrew Wylie have settled their fight over his plans to publish e-books of older works from big name authors he represents. But while the battle is over, the settlement announcement raises more questions than it answers about the future of e-publishing.

Books-A-Million's Predictable Earnings Story

For investors, Books-A-Million stands out for its stability in a turbulent industry. The bookseller reported that second-quarter profits climbed to $1.9 million, although its sales fell.

Barnes & Noble's Founder Digs in for Proxy Fight

Ron Burkle may have drawn first blood in the proxy fight that now looks all but inevitable at Barnes & Noble's annual shareholders meeting next month, but founder and chairman Leonard Riggio is not about to back down. In fact, Riggio's increasing his stock holdings and staying on the board of directors ballot while two others vacate their seats.

Does Amazon's E-Reader Patent Put Nook at Risk?

The ongoing battle of the e-readers between Amazon and Barnes & Noble was already plenty heated after their under-$200 pricing moves earlier this month. Now the competition takes an intriguing twist due to a recent patent ruling that not only puts Amazon way ahead, but threatens the very existence of B&N's popular device, the Nook.

Top Book Industry Execs Face, Fear the Future

At the annual Book Expo America trade conference, beleaguered publishing Pooh-Bahs discuss pay plans, e-books, and comedian Steve Martin. Who will get the last laugh as the business hurtles into the unknown?

Amazon Poised to Change Publishing Industry -- Again

About a year ago the online retailer (and much more) introduced its own publishing arm, AmazonEncore. With the new AmazonCrossing, focused on works in translation, Jeff Bezos' baby continues its assault on old-school publishers.

How to Profit From the Changing Book Business

During a culinary barbecue escapade, Tom Ryder, now on the board of Amazon, gives his view on the coming shake-out in e-publishing and where the opportunities are for investors.

E-Book Sales Give a Big Boost to Simon & Schuster

Book publisher Simon & Schuster did not have the greatest of first quarters, according to the report released Wednesday: Sales and earnings dropped or were flat compared to a year ago. The bright spot, however, came on the digital side, with e-book sales zooming up.

Book Sales Drop in 2009, but E-Books Explode

Total book sales were down in 2009, confirming the grim outlook for producers and sellers of the printed word. But the publishing industry does have one bright spot: the rapidly growing e-book

Why Apple's iPad E-Books Numbers Are Confusing and a Little Misleading

Apple announced that it sold approximately 300,000 iPads and that newly-minted iPad owners downloaded one million apps from its App Store and 250,000 e-books from its iBookstore on opening day. While these numbers sound suitably impressive, a closer look at the figures raises more questions than answers.

Amazon Loses to Macmillan. Now for the Wider War

The battle's over, and now comes the long, costly war. Publishers Hachette and HarperCollins are now on board with the pricing model championed by rival Macmillan, which sets e-book prices higher. Amazon has restored Macmillan's titles to its page after a one-week protest -- but that's not the end.

E-Book Publishers Haggle Apple, Amazon on Pricing

Big publishers are in talks with Apple on how to make e-books available for the forthcoming Tablet. But the real story is that they may be pushing towards a new pricing model, one which Amazon has a vested interest in combating with an attractive new royalty rate for would-be e-authors.

E-Books for Kids Get Publishers' Attention

Book publishers' interest in digital e-books is mounting, as the number of e-readers hitting the market, in all shapes, sizes, and color capabilities, is set to grow. And the children's sector of publishing in particular is getting their notice.

Barnes & Noble rolls out free Wi-Fi

Wow, a marketing campaign that actually benefits the rest of us? Yes, it's true, courtesy of bookstore monolith Barnes & Noble. B&N just...