Why Blockbuster Went Bust While Netflix Flourished

It's easy to blame Blockbuster's collapse, which culminated Thursday in a voluntary Chapter 11 filing, on the rise of streaming Internet video and kiosk rental options. But Netflix faced the same threats and it's thriving. So what did Netflix do smarter than its bankrupt rival?

Best Buy says bye bye to discs

Best Buy is reducing the number of DVDs and CDs it sells to make room for more current and popular products. While the retailer isn't doing away with...

Blockbuster Now Expects NYSE Delisting

Struggling video rental giant Blockbuster said Thursday that it expects to be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange after it failed to receive enough shareholder votes to authorize a reverse stock split.

Why Netflix Sees DVDs Facing a Quick Death

Netflix has released a controversial presentation that charts the quick death of the physical DVD rental industry. If the presentation bears out, the next few years will be tumultuous for the content distribution and entertainment businesses.

Huge 'Avatar' DVD Sales Fly in the Face of the Trend

DVD sales have been falling so sharply that some movie industry watchers see extinction around the corner for the format. But in less than a week, Avatar discs have rung up huge numbers. Is this a sign that DVDs will survive, or just James Cameron-generated fluke?

Redbox free DVD rental coupon

Get a free DVD rental from Redbox at a Kroger grocery store with coupon code DVDKROG. It's unclear how long this free DVD rental code is good for, so...

Netflix: Future Growth Will Come From Streaming Video

Perhaps no company has revolutionized the video rental business as much as Netflix. With over 90,000 titles and more than 11 million paying subscribers, Netflix is now the leading online DVD subscription service. But as costs rise and competition mounts, Netflix has got to make some changes. One of them: To beef up its streaming video business.

Hollywood & Bollywood Fight Piracy

With piracy costing the $3 billion Indian film industry close to a billion a year, the Motion Picture Association of America and Indian film studios have teamed up in a new program to combat the problem.

4 DVDs for $10 at Big Lots

DVDs make a great stocking stuffer or gift for your secret Santa exchange at work. The DVD selection at Big Lots is very good for the price -- $3...