Rental Car Insurance: Is It Worth the Price?

When vacationers rent cars this summer for their adventures, they'll have to decide: Do they want the insurance the company is offering. It might be tempting to it pass up the extra fees, but whether or not you should is a something you should figure out long before you get to the counter.

Why $4 a Gallon Gas Wouldn't Last Long

Not long ago, everyone knew gas was sure to reach $4 a gallon for regular on a nationwide basis soon. Now, though, that sure thing is looking iffy: Gas prices are wavering, and a number of factors at home and abroad are about to come together to push demand -- and prices -- lower.

Waze: Drivers Power Real Time Road Maps

Tel Aviv-based Waze has developed a mobile application that gives users a free way to get turn-by-turn navigation. Keeping information on roadways up-to-date can be a cumbersome task, but Waze has come up with an innovative way: It relies on its users to feed it with data, from road conditions to traffic reports. The result: Waze has quickly risen from being a small startup to a company with operations in 85 countries.

Shorter Yellow Lights: Are They Your Town's Latest Cash Cow?

According to the National Motorists Association, some municipalities have been caught shortening the time in which yellow lights are on in order to generate additional revenue from tickets issued to motorists caught on traffic cameras running red lights. At least six cities including Dallas and Chattanooga, Tenn. have engaged in the practice in recent years, the organization says.