double-dip recession

Slower Growth Ahead.
But a Double Dip Is Unlikely

It doesn't seem right that a slowdown in the U.S. economy could come as soon as the end of the year. Despite strong earnings at some companies, job creation hasn't recovered. But a slowdown is more likely than the worse prospect, a double-dip recession.

Is a Double-Dip Recession Ahead for the U.S.?

A chart of leading economic indicators produced by the well-respected Economic Cycle Research Institute indicates that economic growth is slowing dramatically in the U.S. Is a second round of recession looming?

Why Global Deficit Cutting Could Sink Recovery

For Germany, Britain, and the U.S., three of the world's major economies, their lawmakers' rush to cut budget deficits is the worst thing at this point of the fragile recovery. By taking demand out of their economies at this crucial time, they could spark another recession.

Soros: German Budget Cuts Could Cause Euro Failure

Ahead of the G-20 summit in Toronto this weekend, billionaire investor George Soros is warning that Germany's policy of fiscal austerity is a danger to Europe that could destroy the euro and fracture the European Union.

A Second Financial Crisis: More Likely Than You Think

Financial Times editor and author John Authers says moral hazard, easy money and self-interested fund managers are still at work undermining the stability of financial markets that most investors still take for granted.

Growth May Be Too Tepid to Spark a Full Recovery

Even though the overall economy continues to show strength, many economists believe the Fed%u2019s projection of 3.5% growth may not be enough to satisfy the financial markets' hopes for a faster, more far-reaching rebound from the Great Recession.