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Alexis Glick Signs Off at Fox Business

Fox Business News anchor Alexis Glick's announcement that she's leaving the network comes after a Don Imus program bumped one of her shows. She denies there's any connection, saying she wants to try something new.

Citadel Declares Chapter 11

Faced with the likelihood of breaching its financial covenants, Citadel Broadcasting -- which syndicates several popular broadcasters, such as Don Imus -- took the initiative Sunday and filed for bankruptcy protection. That will let the radio broadcaster get out from under most of its $2.5 billion debt.

John King replaces Lou Dobbs at CNN

Lou Dobbs's replacement may not draw the same kind of ratings as his predecessor, but he won't cause the same kind of headaches, either. The network...

Why Don Imus won't rescue Fox Business

It looks like Don Imus really is headed for Fox Business Network. The crag-faced radio host is parting ways with RFD-TV, the small cable network that...