Sweetened Offer Gets Dole OK

The chairman and CEO of Dole Food Co. (NYSE: DOLE), David H. Murdock, made a $12 a share offer to acquire the 60% of the company's stock he did not...

Coke's New Juice Flavor: Fungicide?

Coca-Cola has never shied away from trying new variations of its classic beverage. The company also is known for adding flavorful twists like lime and lemon to its drinks. But last week, both Coke and archrival Pepsi revealed that a more disturbing addition had made its way into their drinks: fungicide.

Under the Radar: Hilary Kramer Goes Bananas Over Dole Food

Dole Food Company is public again but investors haven't been paying much attention to the green produce producer. Hilary Kramer says that maybe they should and she explains why investors, like her, may soon go bananas over this green company.

Legal Briefing: Dell Nears Deal With SEC

Dell has reportedly proposed a settlement to the Securities and Exchange Commission that the SEC staff likes and will recommend the commissioners accept. At issue is how Dell did its accounting on deals with Intel. Dell has already been forced to restate four years of manipulated earnings.

Taco Bell tag teams with Jimmy Dean

¿Te gusta Taco Bell for breakfast? When you read the brand names of the products the chain plans to use as the foundation for expanding its...