A Look at Back at Bank Scandals Since the Financial Crisis

Even before the LIBOR scandal hit, the financial industry's image was already badly tarnished by its leading role in causing the global financial crisis and recession. Here's a look at some of the low points for banking and bankers since the start of the financial crisis.

Former Northwest Employees Sue Delta Over Pay Discrepancy

A half-dozen Delta Air Lines flight attendants sued the carriers for what they say is discrimination in the form of smaller profit-sharing paychecks for former Northwest Airlines employees, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Well-Educated Women Pay a High Price to Have Kids

Highly skilled women will lose about a quarter of a million dollars, or as much as a third of their lifetime earnings, by choosing to have a child, making the prospect of raising a family a far more expensive one for college grads than their less-educated counterparts, a new study shows.

Why Are So Many Women Leaving Wall Street?

A lawsuit filed by three women who have accused investment bank Goldman Sachs of sex discrimination underscores a surprising trend on Wall Street: Despite a growing movement toward equality in the business world, financial services has become an increasingly male-dominated industry.

Legal Briefing: Your Name on a Petition Isn't Private

Supreme Court Justices challenged arguments from lawyers trying to keep private signatures on a petition to repeal a Washington domestic-partners law. Also in this roundup of legal news: The first genetic discrimination suit and Wal-Mart's settlement of wage charges.

The Dark Side of the 'Prada Look': Discrimination

The fashion industry's trend toward discrimination over physical attributes has moved off the runways and into retailers. A former senior retail manager at Prada Japan and two other employees, have accused the famed fashion house of sexual harassment and appearance-based discrimination.

Legal Briefing: Novartis Sex Discrimination Trial Begins

For 10 years, Working Mother magazine included Novartis on its list of the 100 best places to work, but if the 5,600 women suing the pharmaceutical giant for sex discrimination win their $200 million case, it's hard to imagine it making the list again. The trial starts today.

American Companies Keep Getting More Gay-Friendly

Despite the cutbacks resulting from the Great Recession, more employers than ever are finding reasons to adopt policies that make workplaces better for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, according to a recent Human Rights Campaign Foundation survey.