5 Things that Will Move the Market This Week

Among the things sure to help shape the week ahead on Wall Street, Visa will tell us whether we've been choosing plastic over paper; Disney will tell us how much magic it has in its financials; and Panera and Chipotle will serve up their quarterly results.

Amusement-Park Stock Battle: Six Flags vs. Cedar Fair

If you haven't had enough of roller coasters after the ups and downs of the stock market this month, you might consider adding an amusement-park operator to your portfolio. Between Six Flags and Cedar Fair, which stock has the potential to deliver the smoothest returns for investors?

Apple, Ikea Stores: The Ultimate Knockoffs?

Knockoff bags and watches from China are one thing. But the news that whole Apple, Ikea and Disney stores have been faked -- even to the point of duping the employees, in one case -- has shocked many Americans.

A Quieter Week Could Keep the Rally Rolling

Last week, traders had ample opportunity to take some profits -- and yet the market kept rising. With a much quieter week on tap and a key technical hurdle overcome, stocks could very well extend their gains in the sessions ahead.

Week Ahead: Coca-Cola, Disney, Hasbro Earnings

It should be pretty quiet on the economic calendar this week, with only a few national reports due out. But iconic companies Walt Disney, Coca-Cola and Hasbro, among others, are scheduled to report quarterly results. Here's a preview.

Face-Off on Stocks: Disney, Viacom, Time Warner

It's award season in Hollywood, with the Oscars just weeks away. But stocks are forward-looking, so investors are already keying on summer blockbuster season. And a bigger-than-expected summer hit or two can indeed provide a catalyst for media and entertainment company shares.

ABC News's David Westin: 'The Right Time' to Leave

ABC News President David Westin is leaving his job after 14 years. A corporate mandate to increase his division's profitability apparently conflicted with his own commitment to high-prestige journalism.

A Hulu IPO?

Hulu is preparing to go public, according to a report in The New York Times. The offering could value the video content website at $2 billion.

Disney to Build Ultra-Luxury Homes

Walt Disney (DIS), the company known for its theme parks, movies, and Mickey Mouse, will begin to build homes with price tags as high as $8 million. According to The Wall Street Journal, the vacation homes will be erected at Florida's Walt Disney World. The newspaper added that "The proposed 980-acre Golden Oak development, most recently two golf courses within the 40 square miles of Disney's Orlando theme parks, is expected to eventually encompass 450 homes and a 445-room Four Seasons hotel."

Billionaire Ron Perelman Eyes Philadelphia's Newspapers

Billionaire star investor Warren Buffet will invest in almost any industry -- except newspapers. As technology and the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression created the biggest upheaval the industry has seen in decades, the parent company of Philadelphia's two leading papers is on the auction block today. Will billionaire Ron Perelman emerge as the hometown hero who saves the local papers?

Will "Alice" Boost Disney?

According to Hollywood.com and a number of studio estimates, "Alice in Wonderland" brought in $34.5 million in North America box office receipts for...

ABC and Cablevision Face Off Over Oscars

Disney and Cablevision are locked in a Mexican standoff that could leave millions of viewers without access to the Academy Awards show, one of the biggest television events of the year.

Foreign Firms Were Upbeat about Haiti Before Quake

Of the many ironies of last week's earthquake in Haiti, this one is the cruelest: In the months before the disaster, international officials believed the outlook for the Western Hemisphere's poorest country was starting to improve. U.S. and South Korean firms were considering expanding operations there.

Microsoft Xbox Challenges Cable TV

Microsoft plans to use its XBox Live as a means to stream movies and TV shows into people's homes. If the extremely ambitious program eventually works as planned, customers could have no need for their cable TV.

Finding Value in Roy Disney's Holdings

Roy E. Disney, who died yesterday at the age of 79, may be best remembered as the nephew of Walt Disney. But there was another side to Roy Disney: he was one of the country's premier activist investors.

Roy Disney, Nephew of Walt, Dead at Age 79

Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt Disney and occasional bane of the entertainment conglomerate's chief executives, died Wednesday at age 79 following a year-long battle with stomach cancer.